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3 Types of Images to Grow Your Personal Brand

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Personal Branding

If you’re ready to grow your personal brand, showcase images in 3 key areas. Align your visual content with your marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and strengthen brand positioning. Both are essential to attract clients that want to work with you.

Brand Building Images

The purpose of brand building is to generate awareness. The best way to do this with your personal brand images is to tell your brand story. Storytelling is the element that relates your brand to customers. It connects what you stand for with the same values you share with your customers. 

You can visually communicate your brand story by sharing books you read, or podcasts you listen to that are relevant to your industry, your client’s, or even for your enjoyment.

Seeing what it is like to work with you can be showcased with a “Day in the Life” narrative. It pulls back the curtain and gives visibility into your routines, the products you use, how you celebrate wins or push through disappointment. Each of these spark curiosity and help us to either align with or skew away from your brand. Either way, we have deeper insight to who you are, and your ideal client has better clarity on why you are a good fit.

Take it a step further and share behind the scenes of your client experience. How you prepare for a meeting, what you do to onboard a new client, how you communicate during the relationship, and how you deliver your service/product. Be transparent with what your client can expect when working with you, and what makes you unique to shorten that sales cycle!

Value Adding Images

Nothing builds trust faster than sharing authoritative knowledge. Increase engagement and attraction by sharing tutorials on how-to *insert anything*. Keep it focused on the service or product you provide or branch out and share helpful life-hacks you’ve learned. Both give us insight into you and how you interact with us.

Educate your audience with tips and tricks to help them get to know you better. By sharing knowledge, you demonstrate your willingness to help with the value you bring. Incorporating personal brand images that showcase your value is a fast way to stand out and become known for your expertise.

Another way to showcase your expertise is on up-and-coming trends in your industry and how it helps your ideal client. Your clients look to you for guidance, leverage the attention they give you, and show them why you’re their best choice!

Promotional Images

Your brand is a business, after all. You’re here to make a profit. When your audience is familiar with and has insight into why you do what you do, what you stand for, and how you serve, they’ll be primed to work with you. And the best part is it doesn’t have to look like or feel “salesy” because you’re already having a conversation!

Promote your business with a New Release or limited edition. Encourage them with ways to contact you or how to get started. Elevate your brand and convert your connections to increase your revenue!

If you’d like to learn more about creating a visual marketing strategy, I’ve got a quick intro here. Or, if you’re ready to get started on creating a strategy or elevating your images, click here to get started!

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