“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory,
tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

~ Sun Tsu

I like to keep it easy for you!

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Is your visual strategy attracting the kind of clients you want to work with?

Does it represent your client experience in a way that makes your audience want to work with you?

Want a simple and organized approach that creates a roadmap and worklow to be discovered and get on the fast track to the like, know, trust factor?

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

Your Visual Marketing Strategy looks like this...

Implement your deliverables designed to keep you on track with who you are speaking to:
  - vision board aligned with your ideal client
  - visibility roadmap
  - implementation workflow



Get step-by-step direction that drives results by establishing brand foundations.  We create and refine a process for a consistent client experience, speak with clarity on how you serve them, and why you are their best choice.


Brand Discovery & Diagnosis - we do a deep dive into your brand message, voice, experience, and visuals.

Then, we find the gaps between your positioning and what your ideal client needs to hear and see to get on their radar and make the decision to choose you.


Don't design for your brand, design for the people interacting with your brand. 

Don't design for your brand, 
design for the people interacting with your brand. 

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Define your brand and business goals, connect your story to your message, and find the gaps in your brand assets. Let's build a custom strategy and framework that converts your leads from conversation to revenue.  

- 6 hours of 1:1 business consulting.
- Brand Discovery Guide to establish your foundation, purpose, and positioning.
- Ideal Client Workbook to create authentic connections.
- Review of your business goals and marketing channels.
- Audit current brand assets, identify branding gaps, and steps to accelerate visibility.
- Custom step-by-step visual marketing strategy with supporting deliverables.

Visual Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing Consulting

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Ready to be seen the way your clients need to see you?

Tap into an endless resource for all things small business related. 

- Need help cracking the code on pricing for profitability?
- Looking for resources and tools to streamline productivity?
- Searching for direction on how to conduct market search and hone your niche?
+ so much more...

Hourly consulting is available to get unstuck, pick my brain, and get clear answers and solutions to the problems that are holding you back.   

Business Consulting

Business consultant

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- Katherine

"Kattie has this uncanny ability to listen to your own words, filter it through her strategic brain, and speak it back to you with SO MUCH clarity."

- Matilyn

"Kattie made me feel so comfortable with finding ways to express who I really am in every photo." 

- Tenisha

"Kattie was super chill in her approach, and knowledgeable in what photos should be taken and how to use them to their fullest potential."

- Brandy

"Kattie knows exactly what she's doing and made me feel really comfortable!"

- Suze

"Kattie is a fabulous photographer and got WAY more out of me than I could’ve ever imagined!"